Tint your windows and fight graffiti

Vandalism of shop glass windows and writing of obscene graffiti is a problem many with large windows generally open to busy public roads usually have to endure. When your business window is the subject of vandalism you would need to replace the glass to avoid the embarrassment that would be caused to you and those who would happen to read it. Replacement of a glass window could be an expensive preposition.

Office window tinting Perth has the answer to your predicament, which would be to replace the Sun control film on the glass window if you have had one installed. Installing a Sun control film from Office window tinting Perth would save you a substantial amount of money compared to having your complete glass window replaced. The film which is a polyester mixed product is able to withstand the effects of vandalism and graffiti.

In your home Sun control film installed by Home window tinting Perth would protect your loved ones from flying shards if any unforeseen damage is caused to the windows. Sun control films are are very versatile product and used extensively around the world. Home window tinting Perth brings only the best tried and tested product, which has been manufactured to international standards.

The Sun is our primary source of energy, and gives life to all living things on our planet. Without the Sun we would not be able to exist, because it is the most important life providing star in our Universe. The Sun is about 150 million kilometers away from us but it’s harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays could cause skin cancer if we are exposed to it for a long periods of time.    

The Sun’s heat and glare coupled with it’s UV rays is not a very conducive concoction, and avoiding it’s effects are in our best interests. In our homes, offices and cars having the heat and glare of the Sun blazing through our windows could result in our air-conditioning and heating systems performing far below their optimum levels. If we could reduce these three we could extract better performances from these two important systems that we generally depend on.

Car window tinting Perth installed Sun control film is the answer to your woes. Car window tinting Perth with professionals under care will provide you a perfect foil for your problems with the Sun’s harsh effects. Call us we are just a call away.


Keeping electricity safe

Jim’s Test & Tag with franchisees around Australia has the expertise, experience, authorization and the logistics to inspect any premises and issue electrical risk assessment certifications. Our Test and Tag inspections are carried out using the latest and sophisticated Portable Appliances Testers ( PAT), in  accordance with the requirements of Australia Standards 3760 and 3012.

Keeping electricity safe is everyone’s duty, hence Testing and tagging your electrical systems and appliances is a priority. Jim’s Test & Tag has trained and qualified personnel in our ranks to provide all test and tag services.

Emergency lights testing is mandatory in buildings where large numbers of the public gather and all exits are clearly visible and identifiable for emergency evacuation if the need arises in an emergency. It is also necessary that certified test & tag inspections are undertaken to prevent any unforeseen incidents.

The authorities are contemplating of promulgating additional laws for implementation of electrical testing and tagging inspections to control the abuse of electricity, which is a very dangerous amenity. Improper use could cause injury and be fatal too.  

 Jim’s Test & Tag as a member of Jim’s Group carries the same responsible attitude displayed by the group over these three decades. Our expertise in testing tagging and lead tagging is incomparable as we offer a comprehensive warranty for all the work we carry out.

Our response time to calls from our customers is the quickest compared to our competitors. We would respond within 20 seconds, when the call is made, and would visit a customer within 24 hours. This bar is set for all our 3400 franchisees around Australia, and our success has been our quick responses. We believe in that old saying “The early bird picks the worms”.

Our customer inquiries for electrical tagging have increased tremendously in recent times, and we are unable to service all of them. Our serviceable inquiries are about 25% and we intend increasing this, and towards this end we seek dedicated and committed entrepreneurs to join us.

Our test and tag franchise would reciprocate your hard work and commitment with very good return on your investment. We offer this opportunity to join Australia’s success story, and be a part of this very committed family of successful businessmen.


Insurance other than life insurance

An insurance policy is an agreement between two parties and is a legal document. Any breach of the agreement by either party then the other could take recourse to legal action. The insurance policy or agreement is generally initiated by the first party with the second party providing the insurance cover with a promise to pay compensation if and when the first party claims, on it.  

Hence it is imperative that prior to signing on the dotted line, the first party is fully aware of what they would be compensated for, by the second party if and when they need compensation. If the first party is fully aware of what they would get and why they would get and when they would get, then the need to recourse to legal action or arbitration would not arise.

Insurance other than life insurance is generally sought to compensate loss or damage in business transactions. When engaging in any business there is the possibility of something going wrong somewhere, but with an business liability insurance cover the business entity could cover that something that could go wrong and receive compensation for a prior known and paid up payment, which is called the premium.

In the alternative the business entity could also opt for Business insurance or Commercial insurance covers with specific clauses to protect their interests, in an eventuality. For companies in the construction industry they have many options but with certain parameters. The parameters would be within Building construction insurance, Commercial building insurance and Construction insurance.

As long as the insurance policy is between the first and the second party, the government of the country in which such agreement is signed would not be a party to it. It is when the conducting of a particular business involves the public of a country that the government steps in to protect the rights of it’s citizens.

Governments have promulgated very stringent laws to protect their citizens in such cases. Depending on the type of business, the company could tailor make but keeping within the statutory requirements a Public liability insurance cover.

There are statutory laws governing every business and engaging in any business it is imperative that you know what your responsibilities are. Insurers could advise you on them.


Pool fencing is mandatory

A swimming pool in your home backyard whilst being an outlet to relieve the tremendous pressure you may have had at work during the day is also a status symbol in our modern society. A dip in the pool in the evening would be a very welcome form of relaxation, and many busy individuals look forward to it.

Swimming pools whilst being welcome at home could also become death traps for unsuspecting adults, toddlers and children. Unsupervised swimming pools have been responsible for many deaths of not only toddlers and children but also adults, in many areas of Australia.

In response to the many accidents that have happened across Australia at private swimming pools, the respective governments have promulgated laws to make pool fencing mandatory. This has seen a very steep demand increasing to have pool fencing around all private pools.

Fencing your pool though is a mandatory requirement it could create additional problems if you are not aware as to who is in the swimming pool whilst you are at home with your family.

Using glass pool fencing around the pool will provide you with an obstruction free view of the swimming pool and of those frolicking in it.

Jim’s Fencing with years of fencing experience is the leader in the industry, with some very imaginative and innovative fencing jobs executed since our inception.

We have brought a new dimension to Colorbond fencing which is an Australian industrial success story, with our exemplary workmanship.

Colorbond fencing with fourteen pleasant colours to choose from and a ten year warranty is the product that is most popular in the market today.

Timber fencing which is a natural product and that has been around since the world began, is stylish when used as fences and adds an added ambience to any home. Polished or painted timber fencing is unique in it’s own right and brings out that added style to your home.

If you would prefer manmade materials for your fences you have a variety of choices, which are as versatile as timber fencing or colorbond fencing. These materials could be used for screen fencing to obscure and keep areas that you would prefer to have kept hidden from the view of others.

We have qualified and experienced fencing contractors, who have executed their work to the highest Australian Standards, and have done so to the utmost satisfaction of our customers.


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